Rome For Families Kids Friendly Adventures

As the most historic and bustling tourist destination in the world, some might write cultural Rome as a destination for couples, historians and backpackers. However, Roma offers more than romance, and it’s a good base for brave little gladiators to learn about history, art and culture, with more than enough to see and do to avoid boredom. Rome city breaks can be fun and convenient, read on to find out how to make the most of your Roman holiday‚Ķ

Treat yourself to Ice Cream

Inexpensive, tasty and above all refreshing, Gelato becomes a fuel for tired little engines and a reward for good behavior during sightseeing. The magic glass display matter of gelaterias are much more exciting than ordinary old ice cubes and at least twice as delicious as anything you will find at home. Usually the colorful contents are topped with their main ingredients, from simple kiwi slices to more extravagant blue Bubblegum and licorice sticks.

History and… Mustaches?

Hundreds of Moggies leaved in Rome meander through the ruins of Largo di Torre, the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination. As plump tabbies bask in the afternoon sun and well-groomed kittens, you’ll learn about history in this adorable archaeological fragment that’s been transformed into a NO-finish-Katzenhaus. Warning: Allergy sufferers should probably look for their adventures elsewhere.

Treat them with a Toy

Take the kids to Little Big Town, a toy shop in Piazza Venezia, where pastel-colored walls and giant figures give the impression of walking through a huge doll palace. For a more traditional spot, venture to Bartolucci, where talented craftsmen foam the wooden scented curls of the wooden boys’ limbs, and everything comes with a handcrafted price tag.

Train as Gladiators

Rome’s most popular attraction, the Colosseum can be stressful even for the most patient, but if you book a private tour in advance, much of the stress and queues can be canceled. Once they have fallen in love with ancient Rome, enroll them in the gladiator school for a few hours. They will be returned to you with a certificate in hand, glowing cheeks and more than a few action stories. Bonus: It is likely that your little warriors are so exhausted that you will not hear a beep until the morning.

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