Long Haul Luxury For Families Places To Go

Are you planning a long stay in 2016? If you are clueless about where exactly to go, keep on reading and learn about three of the best countries that can be taken into account. These countries present a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed by both children and mature, making them ideal for families.


Whether it is pristine beaches, exotic food, cosmopolitan living, or unique culture, Thailand has plenty of activities to offer for every kind of tourist. While it may have a bad reputation for its sex tourism, if you know how to choose the right places to visit, you and your family will be in for a treat.

For a truly unique long haul holiday, it would be best to explore the rainforests and islands of Thailand. It is best known for its natural beauty and its natural beauty, and for its natural beauty and its natural beauty.

For a more cultural experience, consider several days of touring the temples. For sure, you will never run out of choices when in Thailand. Even in Bangkok, The country’s capital city, there are temples that are easily accessible. For more beautiful and vast temples, on the other hand, you might want to head further from the city.


A luxury holiday in China would prove very popular among families. The vast size of the country means that it can provide endless activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

If you are planning to visit China with the family, Beijing should be on the top of your list. Two of its most popular attractions are The Great Wall and the Forbidden City, both of which are rich in terms of history. Kids will surely learn the things they can learn about history through, and these wonders certainly fit the bill.

China, however, is more than just Beijing. The modern city of Shanghai also deserves a visit. Xi’an, on the other hand, is popular for infamous Terracotta Army. Discover the gifts of nature at Yunnan province, enjoy delicious Chinese food at Sichuan province, and see giant pandas in Hangzhou.


With parts of it in Asia and with parts of it in Europe, there is no doubt that Turkey will offer an amalgam of experiences. It is a mixture of eastern and western cultural influences. From mosques to temples, high-end shops to spice markets, idyllic mountains to pristine beaches, a family holiday in Turkey will live long in the memory of your entire family.

Istanbul is one of the places that should not be missed, which will require at least four days to fully explore what it has to offer. The rich history of the city adds to its harm. Some of the attractions that you should see include Aya Sofya, Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, Topkapi Palace, Roman Hippodrome and Galata Bridge.

If you are looking for something more unique, Cappadocia is not to be missed. It has ancient underground cities and ruins that will be feast to the eyes. The best way to have it explored is through riding a hot air balloon, which is truly a luxurious experience to see its ravines and valleys.

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