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The city of Ballarat in the state of Victoria, Australia, has a long history of gold mining and change. Originally, it was a place on the map that was barely recognized until 1851, when some gold spots were discovered. This led to a slight outflow of prospectors in the area, but when two men found a few ounces of gold at Poverty Point, the onslaught was triggered. This gold field produced gold every day, and sometimes this gold weighed five ounces. Daily production has never been less than an ounce.

Like everything else, the gold fields have finally stopped producing and the gold city has slowly declined. After the miners were laid off, the Victorian era began and the city was on its way to becoming an industrialized city. The city has preserved its heritage over the years, and the gold fields are proudly part of its heritage. Tourists can visit the Golden City through guided tours and excursions through the Great Division chain. With mild temperatures all year round, it is an ideal destination for families to take a few days off and explore the history of this great city.

Since parents are busy with work, and children seem to find their enjoyment from an electronic device, grandparents can give children the opportunity to learn more about the story in person. Historical tours of the gold field are not only for mature. Children can learn a lot about the culture, business and development of a city by taking a trip to the gold fields.

With a trip to Sovereign Hill, the kids can look for gold, see the city as it was, take a carriage ride, learn the history of the area, and appreciate what life was like long before they were born. It’s hard for you to enjoy the feeling of a mining pan in your hands if you’ve only read it in your history books or on your iPad.

If you’ve had enough of mining, everyone can pack their bags and visit Krystal Castle, which houses a 40-year-old theme park. It is complete with dragons, wizards, knights, kings, princesses and a whole stable of horses. The theme park is a fun adventure that everyone will enjoy. You can have yourself photographed with a crown and a shield.

Ballarat Wildlife Park is a wonderful exhibition of native species from Australia. This family sanctuary allows the public to meet the natives face to face. If a child has a chance to really see and touch an animal, he very much appreciates how this animal lives. Grandparents can put their grandchildren in contact with loose but controlled animals in this animal park.

There are kangaroos running around and the children can feed them under controlled circumstances. Children can also meet turtles, wombats, koalas, snakes, reptiles and one or two crocodiles. There are animal performances and educational presentations by zookeepers to help children understand the importance of native animals. The park can be rented for birthday parties or other events.

Ballarat is a content-rich place for old and younger generations. In Ballarat you can find out what it was in the Golden Age of Years 1850.Ne They do not rush to the “modern world”, stay in Ballarat and enjoy good local cuisine, wine and stories from the past.

History, as Ballarat shows, will take mature to a time when they were with their grandparents, hear fascinating stories about gold mines, and this will awaken the imagination of young people and lead them to an important place and moment in their history.

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